The Umm

The Umm was developed by E.J. Gold
for the workshop Just Deserts – Food For Awakening in February 2007.
The Umm serves to practice the art of transubstantiation of food. It was created to be eaten and transubstantiated. Get your skill points up in the art of transubstantiation of food.

The Umm melts in your mouth
in at-one-ment
to become part of your body
to partake in the transformation
into something higher.

Because the Umms are not a nutritional necessity for the body, that process of transubstantiation can be done with them in a different way than eating regular meals.
You have taken on an obligation when eating the Umm.
It is a sacrifice.

“Create a ritual around the taking of the Umm”

The Umm contains no chocolate and are made without any kind of added sugar.

Sample of 3 Umms