The best chocolate truffle ever

The other night I had the best chocolate ganache truffle I ever had. It was the last of the 4 truffles I'd been saving from a batch E.J. Gold had made. There are 2 kinds of ganache truffles, one cocoa powder covered, the other with a dark chocolate coating.

This truffle was the chocolate coated ganache truffle. The delicious dark chocolate coating was just thin enough to not overpower the taste of the wonderful ganache and it cracks nicely when you bite into it. The bottom part of the truffle was covered with pure cocoa powder - which adds just a touch of something to the taste and feel that's hard to describe. Delicious. The ganache itself - melts perfectly in speed and consistency and is perfectly smooth a delight - and tastes fantastic. I savored every second of the taste and texture. The truffles look great, each piece individual and in itself, to my eyes, a piece of art. The coconut bits on the top add to the textural experience without making it taste of coconut. The aftertaste is a brief mild pure chocolate scent.
The size is perfect: just enough to be truly enough - and not so big that one would have the thought to only have part of one next time.

Sitting there in the middle of the night in this quite moment savoring this truffle, I thought back and concluded: this is the best truffle I have ever had. And, having grown up in Western Europe, I've been privileged to have tasted lots of types of very good chocolate.

Of course, this also was prasad, or sacred food chocolate. Maybe that is why, days later, I still feel nourished by it.

Here are a couple more pictures for your enjoyment:

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What people are saying ...

"After spending an hour circling the box and sniffing, I decided to try a piece of the chocolate. I was thinking, "Chocolate is pretty much chocolate; but this IS E.J.'s chocolate . . ." I should've known this was not going to be a Three Musketeers Bar, but nothing could have prepared me for what it was. I can't even describe it, except to say that it was perfectly balanced. Texture, taste, aroma, mouth feel . . . just a perfect thing. With love and thanks and more than a little awe." -- Melissa L., Riverside, CA

"I realized PRASAD is not a desert. It is FOOD." -- Jorge P., Portugal

"I was gifted a box of E.J.'s chocolate truffles from our dear Texas Rosie. They arrived right before my brother and sister-in-law did (visiting from Wisconsin). In my good hostess sort-of-way, I shared the truffles with them. MISTAKE! I should have been selfish! OH MY GOD! The taste and texture of EJ's truffles are out of this world, literally. All four of us, Bob, Jann, Logan and I ooohhh-ed and aaahhhh-ed our way through succulent chocolately melting smooth flavor. Chocolate is one of my food groups next to salad and coffee. I've had all kinds of chocolate and I can testify these truffles are amongst the best. If I could buy EJ out of his supply, I would. Acquire his truffles NOW ... you will be delighted you did. Thank you, Rosie for your generous gift." -- Kathleen D., Tucson, AZ

"My kids and I have been enjoying amazingly good, transformational higher food Ganaches :) -- I didn't know that transformational higher food was sooo good!" -- Tito R., Santa Fe., NM

"Ok, so I ordered some chocolate for Mom for Mother's Day ... 'cuz, well, chocolate is chocolate, right? WRONG! When it arrived I very carefully sliced off a sliver to taste (I knew Mom wouldn't mind ...) and it was good, so I sliced off another sliver and another .... I couldn't stop, so I cut the truffle into 4 mini-pieces, thinking I'd save the pieces and just have one a day. So I took a bite, wrapped it up and put it away. Only now I'm going back and to get another bite and so on .... It lasted about as long as it took me to unwrap the little cut pieces. It was the purest tasting chocolate I've ever had, and after a long day it was so good! It was refreshing and stimulating! It felt as good as it tasted. As it melted in my mouth, it felt like a circuit was connected -- completed between the roof of my mouth and tongue, and the the energy was flowing. I never really liked chocolate, but THIS chocolate was so good that I'm now going to have to order more to replace the original gift and buy a gift of THIS chocolate for myself too! Yummy Thanks!" -- Sheila C., Riverside, CA